Tecnopolis del Sur

What is Tecnopolis del sur?

Tecnopolis del SurTecnópolis del Sur is a PRIVETE-PUBLIC CORPORATION Consortium formed to establish the first science and technology park in Argentina in the fields of electronics. Having this objective in mind, a Project called "TEAC" (Tecnología de Alta Complejidad –High complexity technology) was presented before the "Fondo Argentino Sectorial" (FONARSEC) (An organization that provides funds for projects and activities that develop critical abilities in areas with a high impact in the productive sector) controlled by "Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva de la Nación" (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the nation), organization that endorsed and cofinanced this initiative.

Tecnópolis offers a unique ecosystem with highly qualified human resources and equipment of international quality put at disposal of enterpreneurs, small, mid-sized and big companies which lead projects based on the comprehensive production of complex electronic systems. With the main focus on innovation and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, Tecnópolis promotes the realization of business opportunities fostering the region’s economic development.


General Objectives

To establish an open area of incubation and development of projects where companies and enterpreneurs can access the comprehensive production of high complexity electronic systems improving their competitiveness and contributing to the region’s economic growth.

Specific Objectives

  • To establish a technological platform with high-tech tools for the design, production, assembly, encapsulation and verification of electronic system prototypes in low and mid volume.
  • To create an ecosystem of technologic development with a combination of the essential ingredients for innovation: investment, services, knowledge, experience, human resources, logistics and connections.
  • To produce electronic systems with macro, micro and nano-electronics and software in the context of projects led by enterpreneurs, companies or governments.
  • To offer support to the industrial prototype production complying with international standards.
  • To produce the necessary human resources (specially engineers and magisters) to meet the resulting demand of companies and the park itself.
  • To provide with a location, assistance and logistics for spin-offs and high technology companies (whether startups or established firms).
  • To concentrate and share human and technological resources among park members.
  • To make strategic agreements that consolidate and strengthen this initiative.


Research Groups






This is the equipment available in our laboratories in Área Operativa 1



  • Área Operativa 1.
    Zona Franca Bahía Blanca - Coronel Rosales. Isla Cantarelli (8109)
    Punta Alta. Buenos Aires. Argentina
  • Bahía Blanca Office
    Brown 460 (8000) Bahía Blanca. Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Buenos Aires Office
    Gaspar de Jovenallos 1425 Dpto 9, Capital Federal, Argentina. CP:1269
  • Phone: +54 291 455-0178
  • Email: info@tecnopolisdelsur.com.ar

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